Cambridge Masts


This page features substantial information about mobile phone masts from all four mobile network operators (Vodafone, O2, EE, 3) in Manchester, including the spectrum and technologies they broadcast and photos.

Cambridge Network Performance

Cambridge EE vs Vodafone vs O2 vs 3 performance tests from June 2019

EE was a clear leader in the June 2019 tests that myself and Russell did in Cambridge.

The Mast Details

Cambridge Mayflower House, Midsummer Meadows All Operator Rooftop

Midsummer Meadows All operator mast.

A busy rooftop site with a complex array of antennas. Closeup of core equipment below

Closeup of Midsummer Meadows Mast.

Left antennas are for Vodafone and O2: Commscope Quad Band (U09+L08, G09, L18, U21, L21, L26) and an old Kathrein (G09 second set most likely). Right antennas are EE/3: Commscope triple band for L08, U21, GL18; old single band for L18).

Saint Andrew's Retail Area

Saint Andrew's Key Central Cambridge All operator mast.

A critical site for Cambridge though quite a challenging one to photograph with the sun at the angle it was. Left to right: Nokia FRHG for future VF L26, Huawei ADU and ATR panels for EE/3, Nokia FZNJ for O2 L23 future, Huawei panel for O2 L23 and 5G future, Commscope quad band antenna, then Huawei ADU, ATR, FZNJ, Huawei again.

Closeup of Saint Andrew's from another angle.

Left to right: Huawei antenna for L23 and 5G with L23 RRU behind it, Commscope Quad Band with VF L26 FRHG to the right of it, Huawei ADU, ATR for EE/3.

Cambridge University EE Mast

Cambridge University Mast

Cambridge University Mast. Uses old Orange antennas and has a substantial MW link.

Guildhall Mast

Cambridge Guildhall Mast

Similar arrangement to the Vodafone/O2 equipment at Saint Andrew's but this is radiating L23 and L26.

Burleigh Mast

Burleigh House Mast

General view of the Burleigh House mast.

Burleigh House Mast closeup

Closeup of the Burleigh House mast. Left panel is a Commscope Quad Band for Vodafone/O2. EE/3 have a single high band and a triple band Huawei ATR.

Kelsey Kerridge Mast

Kelsey Kerridge Sports centre EE/3 Mast

Huawei ATR and Commscope Dual Band. This site was delivering 300mbps 4G on EE.

Bateman House Mast

Bateman House Mast Cambridge

Left array is EE/3: Kathrein 33 degree panel for 18/21, Dual Band Kathrein, also 18/21. Right array for Vodafone/O2: Kathrein Dual Band: G09, Commscope Quad Band: U09, L08, L18, L21.

Kingsway Flats Mast

Kingsway Flats Cambridge Mast

Left to right: Huawei ATR antenna for EE/3, old Kathrein no longer in use, Amphenol for O2/VF, Huawei ATR again.

Cambridge Retail Park SW

Cambridge Retail Park mast, Cambridge

An Elara pole with GPS for Vodafone/O2. Will contain Huawei AQU panels in the shroud.

Cambridge Technopark SW

Cambridge Technopark mast, Cambridge

An Elara pole with GPS for Vodafone/O2. Will contain Huawei AQU panels in the shroud.

Cambridge Cherry Hinton Army mast

Cambridge Cherry Hinton mast with Amphenol Antennas, Cambridge

Cambridge Cherry Hinton mast with Amphenol Antennas, Cambridge

Cambridge Paddocks Industrial Estate

Cambridge Paddocks Industrial Estate

Phase 4 Pole for EE/3. Legacy VF/O2 mast in thebackground which is decomissioned.

Cambridge Perne road SW

Cambridge Perne road Streetworks

An Elara pole with Vodafone/O2.

Cherry Hinton Exchange

Cambridge Cherry Hinton Telephone Exchange O2/Vodafone mast

Fully setup for O2 L23 but not radiating yet. Otherwise Amphenol as standard.

Masts adjacent to Coleridge Recreation

Cambridge Coleridge masts

EE/3 on Phase 4 on the left, Vodafone and O2 on the right pole.