Vodafone Smale House Mast

The Vodafone mast that carries every band, Smale House.

Smale House, SE1 0SL


2G 900MHz, 3G 900MHz (two carriers!),
4G 800MHz, 4G 1800MHz, 4G 2100MHz 15MHz (4x4 MIMO),
4G 2600MHz FDD (B7) and TDD (B38) (4x4 MIMO).
Band 32 (1500MHz) Supplementary Downlink (SDL)

The Mast


Three Commscope Argus antennas used per sector on the Smale House mast. On each sector, there are two triple band CVVPX308.10R3 or equivalent and a Commscope RYVV-65B-R4 for supporting SDL

Speeds it is possible to attain on Smale House

Smale House before Supplementary Downlink

Site before SDL

Prior to Supplementary Downlink Deployment