Manx Telecom Masts and Spectrum


Manx Telecom is the oldest mobile operator in the two player Isle of Man market.

Radio Spectrum

800MHz (Band 20)

Manx Telecom 800MHz LTE/4G spectrum

On 800MHz, Manx Telecom have 2x15MHz, which is used for 4G services with EARFCN 6375.

900MHz (Band 8)

Manx Telecom 900MHz 2G/3G spectrum

On 900MHz, Manx Telecom have 2x13.8MHz, which is used for 2G and a single 3G carrier, UARFCN 3043.

180MHz (Band 3)

Manx Telecom 1800MHz 4G spectrum

Manx Telecom have 2x35MHz of 1800MHz, of which 2x20MHz is radiating with EARFCN 1850.

2100MHz (Band 1)

Manx Telecom 2100MHz 3G/4G spectrum

2x30MHz is quite nice in this band! UARFCN 10564 and EARFCN 200.

Manx Telecom Masts

Dalton Street Flagship

Manx Telecom Dalton Street Mast

A flagship Manx Telecom mast in Douglas with 55MHz LTE spectrum (15MHz L08, 20MHz L18, 20MHz L21).

St George's Street Mast

Manx Telecom St George's Street Mast

Huawei ADU antennas with diplexors on all the ports to do UG09+L08 and L18+U21.

Victory House Mast

Manx Telecom Victory House Manx Mast

Old Kathrein antennas for GU09 and small Huawei antennas for U21/L18.

North Quay Mast

Manx Telecom pole at North Quay

Two stacks of antennas and 3900a.

Braddan Ground Station Mast

Manx Telecom Mast at Braddan Ground Station

Upper antennas are Huawei GU09+L08, lower are U21/L18.

Noble's Hospital Mast

Manx Telecom Mast at Noble's Hospital

A Jupiter type pole behind Noble's Hospital with GU09+L08+U21+L18.

Peel Road Car Park Manx Pole

Manx Telecom Pole at Peel road car park

A Jupiter type pole with GU09+L08+U21+L18. Huawei 3900a cabinets at the base of the pole.