Vodafone Band 32 SDL

Vodafone Supplementary Downlink Spectrum

Image of B32 spectrum in the UK

Above is an image of the 1400MHz spectrum as allocated by Ofcom in the UK. Vodafone has 20MHz at EARFCN 10020

The spectrum can only be used when aggregated with a primary carrier that has an uplink. In our testing, multiple bands would aggregate, however, only CA between bands 7+32 is shown in the screenshots below.
SDL provides a significant improvement to the downlink speeds that are attainable on devices as the 20MHz can provide 195.8Mbps as a maximum (assuming 2x2 MiMo and 256QAM).
SDL also has the added advantage of not being bound by uplink which means increased range, making it the perfect carrier to aggregate with band 20 or another low band carrier such as L09.

Wimbledon Park

eNB: 2948 had bands 1, 3, 7, 20, 32 (70MHz Downlink) at the time of testing

376Mbps on L26+L14 in NSG

When using 2CA of Bands 7+32 speeds achieved were excellent despite no Rank 3/4 being utilised.

Vodafone B32 site near Wimbledon Park, London

Image of the site near Wimbledon Park. (Image Credit: Tony)

Guy's Hospital

eNB: 5928 had bands 7, 20, 32 (50MHz Downlink) at the time of testing

426Mbps on L26+L14 in NSG

Speeds achieved with L26+L14 were excellent helped by the fact that Ranks 3 and 4 were both achieved.

Vodafone B32 site on Guy's Hospital, London

Image of the site on the hospital.


Thanks to Jake @AD_couk and Tony for testing/pictures.