Vodafone UK 5G Masts: Huawei, Ericsson and O2 Host 5G

Vodafone 5G Masts

Vodafone launched their UK 5G service on July 3rd 2019 and since then the service has spread to a wide range of towns and cities, from Liverpool to Plymouth, Edinburgh to Belfast. They use a range of hardware from Ericsson and Huawei in their own zones, with O2 Ericsson equipment also being known to radiate Vodafone 5G in some locations.

Vodafone Host Sites

Vodafone Ericsson 5G

Vodafone's Ericsson zone features AIR6488 Massive MIMO antennas for 5G, with remaining technologies carried over a 14 port passive from Commscope.

Vodafone Ericsson 5G mast in Whitehall, London

A typical Vodafone Ericsson 5G mast in Whitehall, central London.

Vodafone Ericsson 5G performance in Whitehall, London

Performance from the 5G mast above.

Vodafone 5G site on Queen Elizabeth II building in London. Vodafone Ericsson 5G site in Newbury 5G on Vodafone Smale House, now The Speechmark

A selection of other Vodafone Ericsson 5G masts.

Vodafone Huawei 5G

The Vodafone Huawei 5G masts use Huawei's AAU5613 Massive MIMO Active Antenna Unit which is then complimented by Huawei antennas for remaining technologies.

Vodafone Huawei 5G mast in Salford Mediacity Vodafone Huawei 5G site near Manchester

O2 Ericsson Host Vodafone 5G

In Leeds, Belfast and Edinburgh, O2 currently host the shared sites for Vodafone wherein Vodafone 5G is broadcast from Ericsson 8823 8T8R RRUs.

O2 Ericsson host Vodafone 5G site just North of the train station using Ericsson 8T8R 8823 RRUs. O2 Ericsson host Vodafone 5G O2 Ericsson host Vodafone 5G that is 8T8R for both providers.