O2 UK 4T4R 2300MHz (B40) 4G

The Spectrum Auction

O2 UK won 40MHz, the entire allocation, of 2300MHz spectrum in the recent Ofcom spectrum auction. It is unpaired and for use in Time Division Duplex (TDD), LTE Band 40. The 40MHz allows the operation of two TDD carriers at 20MHz.

The Network Deployment

NSG Screenshots of the B40 TDD Config and EARFCNs

Two TDD carriers can be deployed by O2 with 4T4R, each of 20MHz. As of April 2018, the first carrier of EARFCN 39250 is being deployed using sector IDs 1x6, while the second of EARFCN 39448 and IDs 1x7 has not been seen much.

O2 2300MHz 4G Nokia Remote Radio Units

Antenna Schematics for the 2300MHz masts

The Nokia Remote Radio Head/Unit (RRU/RRH) used for broadcasting O2's 2300MHz. It is either a Nokia FZNI or FZNJ unit.

A proposed mast layout

Antenna Schematics for the 2300MHz masts

A proposed ultra high capacity mast layout upgrade to add the 2300MHz 4T4R 4G onto an existing six sector 3G 900MHz, 3G/4G 2100MHz, 4G 800MHz, 4G 1800MHz and three sector 2G 900MHz site using the spare ports on the Commscope CVV2NPX308.208R.

O2 2300MHz 4G Ericsson Radio System site

Ericsson mast for O2 2300MHz

An Ericsson Radio System O2 2300MHz site in Leeds. Picture: Chris Gillmore.

Ericsson 2300MHz Mast schematic

Antenna Schematics for the 2300MHz masts

Schematic of the Ericsson 2300MHz 4G.