Commercial Mobile Frequency Deployment in Finland


Spectrum used in most modernised commercial deployments by mobile network operators in Finland. This page includes details for non-shared areas and SYV. Downlink spectrum shown except in the case of TDD.

Non-shared area

700MHz (Band 28) FDD

700MHz Band 28 LTE 4G in Finland in use by Telia, DNA, Elisa

700MHz is equally split between the three operators, 10MHz each. EARFCNs ascend in 100, DNA 9260, ELisa 9360, Telia 9460.

800MHz (Band 20) FDD

800MHz Band 20 LTE 4G in Finland in use by Telia, Elisa and DNA

800MHz is split equally between the three operators and ascending in 100 again: EARFCN 6200 is DNA, EARFCN 6300 Telia and EARFCN 6400 Elisa.

900MHz (Band 8) FDD

900MHz (band 8) spectrum used by all three Finnish operators: DNA, Telia and Elisa

DNA possess marginally more spectrum here but it's very close. All three operate single U09 carriers: DNA UARFCN 2963, Telia UARFCN 3022 and Elisa UARFCN 3084. The remainder of spectrum is used for the respective 2G services.

1800MHz (Band 3) FDD

Band 3 (1800MHz) Spectrum use in Finland by Telia, Elisa and DNA for 4G and a bit of 2G.

The three networks possess an equal 24.8MHz of spectrum each. Telia, DNA and Elisa all have 20MHz L18 carriers with EARFCN 1300, EARFCN 1598 and EARFCN 1825 respectively. Elisa also operate some GSM either side of their LTE carrier. NB: scale of 1800MHz and graphics on from here are half the horizontal scale of 700MHz, 800MHz and 900MHz above.

2100MHz (Band 1) FDD

Band 1 (2100MHz) Spectrum use in Finland 4G.

The three operators have the same amount of holding: 19.8MHz each, up to all of which is used for LTE. Elisa starts with EARFCN 100, followed by DNA EARFCN 300 and finally Telia EARFCN 499.

2600MHz (Band 7 [FDD])

2600MHz (Band 7 [FDD] Spectrum use in finland for 4G by Telia, Elisa and DNA

DNA has 20MHz, all of which is for EARFCN 2850. Telia has 25MHz, the first 20MHz is for EARFCN 3050, the next 5MHz is unused. Then there is Elisa EARFCN 3300 20MHz and another 5MHz unused block.

2600MHz (Band 38 [TDD])

2600MHz (Band 38 [TDD] Spectrum owned by Elisa in Finland.

Elisa has 50MHz, which is used for private LTE and dual TDD carriers EARFCN 37900 and 38098 on some public sites.

3500MHz, 3700MHz (NR Band 78 [TDD])

All three operators have 130MHz: Telia 3410-3540MHz, Elisa 3540-3670MHz and DNA 3670-3800MHz.

SYV (Yhteisverkko)

SYV Area Spectrum in Finland

SYV is the joint MOCN network betwwen DNA and Telia for rural area coverage. As SYV has the joint spectrum of the two operators, it is incredibly potent LTE wise: 20MHz L08 EARFCN 6250, 10MHz L09 EARFCN 3500/1, 40MHz L18 across EARFCN 1351 and 1549, 30MHz L21 from EARFCNs 347 and 497 and 40MHz L26 with EARFCNs 2850 and 3048. This totals 140MHz LTE! SYV uses three 3G carriers: U21 10663 and 10687 and U09 3022, with 2G being on the remianing 900MHz. Elisa operates their network as normal here.