Commercial Mobile Frequency Deployment in the Netherlands


Spectrum used in most modernised commercial deployments by mobile network operators in the Netherlands. Downlink spectrum shown except in the case of TDD.

800MHz (Band 20) FDD

800MHz Band 20 LTE 4G in the Netherlands in use by KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile (through Tele2).

800MHz is split equally between the three operators: EARFCN 6200 is T-Mobile (through Tele2 acquisition), EARFCN 6300 Vodafone and EARFCN 6400 KPN.

900MHz (Band 8) FDD

900MHz (band 8) spectrum used by KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

Vodafone starts off with use of the spectrum for 2G alone, next being KPN who use it for 2G and a single 3G carrier UARFCN 3011. T-Mobile is the most interesting user with 10MHz L09 EARFCN 3700 and 3G UARFCN 3087 with 2G aswell.

1800MHz (Band 3) FDD

Band 3 (1800MHz) Spectrum use in the Netherlands by Vodafone, KPN and T-Mobile for mostly 4G.

KPN starts off this band with 20MHZ L18 EARFCN 1300, followed by Vodafone at EARFCN 1500 also with 20MHz. T-Mobile is the last block and operate 30MHz L18 across 10MHz carrier EARFCN 1656 and 20MHz EARFCN 1800.

2100MHz (Band 1) FDD

Band 1 (2100MHz) Spectrum use in the Netherlands for 3G and 4G.

2100MHz is quite complicated with lots of chunks! In ascending order: Vodafone L21 10MHz EARFCN 50, Vodafone U21 UARFCN 10612, KPN L21 15MHz EARFCN 223, T-Mobile EARFCN 347 10MHz, KPN U21 UARFCN 10761, unused Vodafone block, T-Mobile U21 UARFCNs 10811, 10836.

2600MHz (Band 7 [FDD])

2600MHz (Band 7 [FDD] Spectrum use in the Netherlands for 4G by KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile

Vodafone operates with 30MHz LTE, 20MHz on 2850 and 10 on 2994. Next is T-Mobile's minimally used 5MHz on EARFCN 3075, followed by 10MHz of KPN EARFCN 3150. Finally is T-Mobile (through Tele2) 20MHz block EARFCN 3300. There is 5MHz on the end.

2600MHz (Band 38 [TDD])

2600MHz (Band 38 [TDD] Spectrum use in the Netherlands for 4G TDD by KPN and T-Mobile

T-Mobile have 25MHz, of which 20MHz is used for EARFCN 37850. KPN has 30MHz, 20MHz for EARFCN 38100. Both are used as dense capacity adds.