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Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A (ETECSA) is the monopoly telecommunications provider in Cuba, owned by the Cuban governement. Since December 2018, they have offered mobile data services to Cubans.

Radio Spectrum Deployment

Courtesy of Cellmapper:

Cuba 4G-LTE

Cuban 4G LTE services operate on 1800MHz (Band 3) with 20MHz carrier bandwidth using EARFCN 1600.

Cuba 3G-UMTS

Cubacel 3G services operate on 900MHz (Band 8) and 2100MHz (Band 1). The former with three carriers: UARFCNs 2947, 2972, 2997; the latter is only present in very specific locations like hotels and two carriers are operated: UARFCNs 10613 and 10838.

Cuban 2G-GSM

ETECSA 2G services are operated on 900MHz with various ARFCNs.

ETECSA Radio Access Network (RAN) Hardware

Huawei in the East of Cuba and Ericsson in the West with some Nokia aswell. Ericsson RRUS and ERS series are used.