Mast Head Amplifiers

Mast Head Amplifiers/Tower Mount Amplifiers (MHA/TMA)

Used to amplify the signals to make up for long cable runs between Panels and BTS equipment.

Commscope MHAs

Very commonly seen, especially on new (4G) EE/3 masts. Commscope website here.

Commscope MHAs on an MIP mast. The 800MHz MHA is the largest, with the 2100MHz being the smallest.

The 800MHz MHA looks to be a Commscope E15R02P11

The 1800MHz MHA looks to be a E15S09P series.

The 2100MHz MHA looks to be a E15S08P series.

Commscope 2600MHz MHAs. Appear to be series E15S02P

Commscope 1800MHz MHAs on an EE/3 Mast. Also radio design (see below table)

Commscope 800MHA up close.

Radio Design

Dual Band 1800/2100MHA is the only regularly seen.


Generally only seen on older sites. Appear to support 1800MHz and 2100MHz.

A Powerwave MHA wired for 1800 (red tags)

Up close!

Nokia MHAs

Again, generally seen on older sites.

Nokia MHAs on an EE/3 2100MHz mast.

A Nokia Siemens Networks MHA for O2 2100MHz.


A dual band amp of unknown origin.

An Ericsson MHA for Vodafone 2100MHz.