Manchester Masts


This page features substantial information about mobile phone masts from all four mobile network operators (Vodafone, O2, EE, 3) in Manchester, including the spectrum and technologies they broadcast and photos.

The Mast Details

Jurys Inn All Operator

Jurys Inn Manchester EE/3 panel Huawei AQU.

EE/3 use Huawei AQUs on Jurys Inn. This is a high capacity build site with 4T4R L18 (both carriers), L21 4T4R and L26. 3 also have L21 alongside their L18.

Jurys Inn manchester VF/O2.

Closeup of Huawei ADU and ATR per sector.

Lowry House VF/O2 with VF Massive MIMO

Lowry House VF/O2 mast for Spring Gardens/Marble Street.

Lowry House VF/O2 for Spring Gardens/Marble Street. VF Massive MIMO present and Huawei Penta Band.

Centurion House Deansgate

Centurion House Deansgate Vodafone/O2.

Centurion House Deansgate Vodafone/O2. Antennas are painted brick colour. Huawei ADU and ATR per sector.

Centurion House Deansgate Vodafone/O2 closeup.

Closeup of Huawei ADU and ATR per sector.

78 Deansgate All Operators

78 Deansgate all operator site

78 Deansgate Multi Operator Rooftop. VF/O2 mounted on raised poles, EE/3 on wall flush panels.

Quay Street/Deansgate VF/O2/EE/3

Quay street/Deansgate all MNOs

Vodafone/O2 on the Huawei Penta-Band on the left, EE/3 on the right dual band Kathrein.

York House VF/O2/EE/3

Manchester York House all mobile networks

Left composite image: EE/3 panels composed of a Huawei ATR and Kathrein single band. Right is the standard Huawei ATR, ADU for Vodafone/O2.

Dale Street Fake Chimney

Dale Street Fake Chimney EE/3 Site

Dale Street Fake Chimney

EE/3 "hidden" Piccadilly mast

'hidden' EE/3 mast near Picadilly Gardens, manchester

'Hidden' EE/3 mast near Picadilly Gardens.

111 Piccadilly Multi Operator

An array of vertically arranged antennas on the building in Manchester.

An array of vertically arranged antennas on the building in Manchester: O2 legacy G09/G18 (decomissioned), Huawei ATR, Huawei ADU (both VF Beacon Host), O2 Dual Beam U21 (decomissioned), EE/3 18/21 Kathrein. EE's ATR is out of shot.

Manchester Printworks

Manchester Printworks EE/3 Site

Huawei ATR and a pair of Kathreins ingle bands.

Manchester Technology Centre

Manchester Technology Centre mast

Vodafone Host and EE/3 both going for Huawei ATR+ADU.

Manchester University

Manchester University mast

Manchester University Mast with Huawei ADU, ATR and Massive MIMO

Linley House

Linley House, manchester

Huawei antennas and a 4T4R 2600MHz RRU visible. EE/3's equipment is mostly hidden.

North Tower

North Tower, manchester

Huawei ATR antennas.