Austria Mobile Networks

Austria has three mobile network operators: Drei (3), T-mobile and A1, which operate on the standard European frequency bands: 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600MHz.

Drei (3) AT.

Drei AT B8 4G speedtest showing 3MHz paired Bandwidth on Drei AT.

Drei AT Band 7 speedtest demonstrating the 20MHz paired carrier.

Carrier aggregation (CA) on Band 3 (15MHz) and Band 1 (10MHz) on Drei AT. Sometimes 20MHz is used on B3.

A speedtest of the Band 3 and Band 1 aggregation.

A1 Telecom Austria

A1 Austria has a 20MHz carrier on Band 20, capable of providing very good speeds even in slightly sub optimal conditions.

Their other standard layer is B7 20MHz.

T-Mobile AT

Band 20 and Band 3 CA on T-Mobile AT.