EE 2600MHz sites 

2600MHz is used by mobile operators EE and Vodafone to provide high capacity in busy locations. Due to RF blocking properties that result from a large number of buildings, 800MHz is sometimes deployed too.

Below: Near Centre of Hull (Ferensway)

EE 1800MHz Double Speed 4G and 2600MHz 4G site. Also 3 3G and 1800MHz 4G with 800MHz cabled for 3 or EE or both. Mast schematic in image.

Below: mast in National Avenue, Hull. 

EE 1800MHz Double Speed 4G and 2600MHz 4G site. 800MHz feeds cabled. 

Below: Near Albert Docks, Hull.

A similar Huawei Triple high band input panel as above. Two inputs wired, one for 1800/2100MHz and one for 2600MHz EE 4G. There is also a single input panel for 1800MHz services, denoted by the red tags on the cables.

Below: Kingston House, Bond street, Hull.

The two new EE panels operate in much the same way as the setup above. 

Below: St Andrew's Quay, Hull

Another 2600MHz site similar to those above; with Commscope and Huawei Panels

Below: Near Hull Royal Infirmary

Has EE and 3 1800MHz 4G as well as EE 2600MHz 4G and the usual 2G/3G. Look to be Huawei Triple band panels.

EE 2600MHz RRUs (Remote Radio Units) and a BOB (fibre Splitter)



Below: the site near the centre of Hull (first pic)

Before antenna change

Many of these masts feature on the Hull City mast explorations page