TV Transmitters, Phone masts, Fibre Broadband, ADSL library.

United Kingdom Index


Cell Mast only specific information

Guildford (Extra detailed Cellular info)     


Corfe Castle (Extra detailed Cellular info)  

Phone mast Monopoles   Monopole Spotter Guide 

Winterbourne Stickland (Enhanced Cellular info)

Mobile mast Equipment

Midhurst (Extra detailed Cellular info)

Panel Manufacturers  MHAs in depth   Ancillary mast equipment: RRUs, RETs, TMHAs.   

Stockland Hill (DAB panels up close + extra cellular)

Cell Mast Sector Setups: Trisector, Bisector, Omni, Beamforming and tilt

Brighton (FM/DAB panel close up)  

Antenna Frequency recognition: Cable tags and input tags Microwave Mast backhaul



Belmont Transmitter



Vodafone and O2 Legacy 900 and 2100MHz masts                                            

Spotter's Guide to Vodafone and O2 masts new and old

Cerne Abbas 

Vodafone and O2 new 4G mast setups  Temporary Vodafone mast  Vodafone 2600MHz mast Vodafone B38 (2600MHz TDD) LTE Mast (also with L08+L21+L26 TDD)

Vodafone 1800MHz 4G and 2100MHz 4G masts


O2 Six Sector Masts + O2 Microcells O2 4G+ mast






New MBNL EE/3 4G masts   EE 2600MHz Masts  EE Tri band/800


Old MBNL EE/3 mast setups   Spotter's guide MBNL EE/3 mast setups   EE/3 Temporary Mobile mast    EE Glastonbury Masts   MIP Masts 


Rail Road masts GSM-R 900  Tetra (Emergency services masts)


Hull City Masts   Hull mast expedition: Clough Road area East Yorkshire (not Hull city) masts  Cottingham Masts


Fixed line Infrastructure info


KC Fibre Infrastructure

Emley Moor

KC Fibre upgrades

Bridport (soon) High Hunsley Mast - 3 Supervoice

 BT Fibre Infrastructure Burgh on Bain Exchange and Cabinet 

Tavistock Ivybridge Plympton


Isle of Man Index

TV Transmitters (Many also with Cellular eg 2G/3G/4G)   

Mobile Masts and Operator information

Union Mill

Isle of Man Mobile Networks Review: Manx Telecom vs Sure

Port St Mary

Manx Telecom Speeds + Information


Isle of ManMobile MastsManx Telecom 3G/4G Microcell


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