Belmont Transmitter

UHF TV: 3PSBs at 150, 000W; COM4 at 50, 000W; COM5&6 at 100, 000W; LDN at 5, 000W; COM7 at 37, 100W

DAB: D1 National 11D at 5000W, Yorkshire 12A at 2400W, BBC National DAB 12B at 5000W

FM RADIO:  BBC, BBC Lincolnshire, Clasic FM, Lincs FM

A general view of Belmont:

The Top section of Belmont showing the main UHF antenna array and reserve. The clouds were relatively low, hence the haze on the picture.

Below: Belmont annotated showing the Various Digital TV, Digital Radio, Local and National Radio and Cellular Equipment.