Mini Monopoles

EE/3 2G/3G Tiny Monopole in Guildford

The Monopole is very small at only 6.5m. 

Has the usual cabinets, though appears quite a lot for such a small mast: Alifabs Power, MBNL Dorset and an Orange Beverley.

Vodafone/O2 Mini 'Dual Stack' Monopole - Replica Telegraph Poles

St Omer Road/Tangier Road Guildford

4G 800MHz, 2G/3G 900MHz and 3G 2100MHz.

The mast and cabinets. Does not appear to have two antenna panel sections but nonetheless is quite compact.

A closeup of the cabinets below the mast

A closeup of the antenna shroud.

VF sticker on one side of the monopole.

Farnham road, near Wodeland Avenue, Guildford

Monopole hidden in trees on Farnham road. Some cabinets are visible

A closeup of the antenna at the top. Note perspective somewhat compresses the size of the top section. In reality, it is about 1.4m long. 

Cabinets at the mast.